Welcome to North Shore Floors
North Shore Floor Systems has over 25 years of painting and floor
covering experience. We are a women owned business (SOMWBA
Certified) with a best in class single source warranty for all our work. Feel
free to visit our Services section to learn more about our amazing
Certified Vikon Installer!
Most installations require 0 solvents
Most installations require 0 VOC's
Many products contain recycled
Eco Friendly Installation
Commitment to environmental
Single Source Warranty
North Shore Floors warranties all
installations for at least 3 years with
an option to upgrade to 5 years for
most projects.
Our single source warranty means
you will not have to worry who is
at fault, just call us and we will do
the rest!
Vikon is the premier manufacturer
for eco friendly, high performance
coatings. Visit the Vikon website for
more information on their products
or visit our Product Info page for
tech sheets and MSDS data.
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